Advance Booking of 2016-2017 Curriculum Sessions

Please be advised that the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) Room Booking team will be accepting advance room booking requests for UBC FoM curriculum sessions in 2016-2017, from March 1 to March 31, 2016.

Here’s some information about Advance Booking:

1.  What is Advance Booking?
Advance Booking is a process where UBC FoM curriculum sessions for the next academic year are booked in UBC FoM rooms before releasing the rooms for non-curriculum sessions.

2.  Why is Advance Booking done?
Advance booking is done to give UBC FoM curriculum sessions priority access to UBC FoM rooms. Rooms may not be available for curriculum sessions later in the year once non-curriculum sessions are booked.

3.  What type of sessions are considered for Advance Booking?
UBC FoM undergraduate, postgraduate, health professionals and continuing professional development education sessions such as lectures, labs, exams, academic half days and academic rounds are considered for advance booking.

4.  What are the time lines for Advance Booking?
The following times lines are in place for advance booking:
March 1-31: UBC FoM Programs will submit their July 2016 to June 2017 curriculum schedule for advance booking.
May 31: FoM Room Booking team will send room booking confirmations for schedule submitted by March 31.
Please note: Curriculum schedule submitted after March 31 will NOT be included in the advance booking process.

5.  What rooms can I request for Advance Booking?
For a list of UBC FoM rooms available for advance booking, please go to: Find a Room.

6.  How can I request rooms for Advance Booking?
To request UBC FoM rooms for advance booking, please follow steps 1 & 2 at: Book a Room.

7.  When can I submit requests for FoM non-curriculum sessions or University or Health Authority events for 2016-2017?
FoM non-curriculum requests, and University and Health Authority requests such as courses, clinical rounds, and departmental meetings will be accepted starting June 1, 2016.

8.  Where can I find more information about room booking?
More information about UBC FoM room booking is available on our Facilities website.

9.  Who may I contact if I have any questions?
For questions about advance booking or room booking in general, please contact the UBC FoM Room Booking team at

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