Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use UBC FoM rooms for my event?
  2. Are there any principles for use of UBC FoM rooms?
  3. Is there a cost for using UBC FoM room for my event?
  4. Where are UBC FoM rooms located?
  5. How can I request a UBC FoM room for my event?
  6. How many days in advance should I submit my request?
  7. How far ahead can I book UBC FoM rooms for my event?
  8. Who are FoM room bookers and how can I contact them?
  9. Should I contact the room booker at each location to book a room for my event?
  10. Will the UBC FoM room booking team book non-UBC FoM (external) rooms for my event?
  11. What information is provided in the room booking confirmation?
  12. Is my booking guaranteed once I receive confirmation?
  13. How do I make a change or cancel to my booking?
  14. Can I request tech support for my event?
  15. Can I self-support my videoconference event?
  16. Who should I contact if the room I have booked is ‘not’ found in a suitable condition?
  17. What is my responsibility as the event organizer?
  18. What booking system does UBC FoM use for scheduling resources?
  19. Can I book rooms in Resource Scheduler?
  20. Can I have access to Resource Scheduler?
  21. How can I register for Resource Scheduler training?
  22. Is an audio-bridge included with my videoconference booking?
  23. Do I need to setup the audio-bridge included in the confirmation to allow audio participants to join the session?
  24. Can I still use a Bell or TELUS audio-bridge for a videoconference session?
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