LSC Stores & Receiving Facility

The UBC LSC Stores and Receiving Facility is located on level B2 of the UBC Life Sciences Centre, 2350 Health Sciences Mall. The business hours are 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday. Closed on Stat Holidays.

The LSC Stores and Receiving Facility officially opened for business November 27 2008 and the volume of business is gradually increasing as more Teaching and Research Laboratories across campus are recognizing the cost and time saving benefits of using the LSC Stores inventory management services.

By strongly supporting this service the LSC and other UBC campus based research and teaching laboratories can expect to see a continual expansion in the range supply services offered to the economic benefit of all involved in the program.

LSC Stores: Your One-Stop Source for Laboratory Supplies

To use our services, customers are invited to set up an LSC Stores account and provide the related speed chart(s) information for ordering and billing purposes. Users will then be given a user name and password to access our On-line LSC Stores ordering system.

This website was created to give our Teaching and Research Laboratory customers easy access to up to date information about the services we provide, frequently asked questions, vendor product promotions, available user forms and a login link to the LSC stores ordering system to place lab supply orders with LSC Stores.

The Big Pluses in ordering your supplies from LSC Stores are: same or next day delivery from a large inventory of stocked items; free shipping regardless of order quantity; expedited delivery of back ordered or non-stock items; best prices including only the discounted net tax; rapid posting of billing charges to your UBC speed chart account; real time financial reporting and more.

The potential time savings for Principle Investigators and their Laboratory Staff is enormorous as they are in most cases no longer faced with the tedious task of P-Card ordering, receiving, expeditiing, P-Card billing reconciliation etc.

LSC Receiving

  • All Deliveries/Shipments to/from occupants of the building can only be received/shipped through the building’s Loading Docks at the north side of the building. Access to Loading Docks is off Health Sciences Mall.
  • To contact the LSC Receiver, please call 604-827-3978.
  • Deliveries will only be accepted between 8 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday.
  • Please ensure that your shipment is FOB a specific room in the building and not the building itself.  You may find yourself in a position where the cartage firm will deliver to the loading dock but no farther.  In this case your lab will be responsible for moving the shipment to its final destination.
  • Please note that your lab is responsible for the immediate disposal of all packing materials, pallets, crates, etc. related to deliveries to your lab. It is recommended that you arrange with the cartage agent making delivery to take all pallets, crates, etc with them as they leave, or have the installer do that at the time of uncrating and installation.
  • Neither uncrated equipment nor packing material is permitted to be placed at any time in corridors, building alcoves or any public place in the building. Should such material be found in any such location, the responsible lab will be asked to immediately remove it to their lab or other suitable location. Failure to comply will result in the material being moved at the labs expense.

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